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Join Our Awesome Team

Founded in 2007, ThunderActive is an interactive marketing agency based in sunny San Diego, California. We’re passionate about making the web a better place, learning something new every day and exceeding client expectations.

We know where you do your work is just as important as the work itself, so we strive to create a flexible office environment. At any given moment, we could be brainstorming on our whiteboard paint wall or gathering around the conference table for lunch and video sharing.

Several members of the Thunder team have been asked to speak at well-respected industry conferences, like Search Marketing Expo (SMX Advanced, East, and West), Online Marketing Summit (OMS), Pubcon, and WordCamp San Diego. Interested in inviting someone at Thunder to speak? Contact us to get the party started.

We live, breathe and dream about interactive marketing!

Ideal ThunderActive Candidates

In the words of Sir Ron Burgundy, hiring the right people at Thunder is “kind of a big deal.” We’ve learned that the skills listed on a resume only represent a piece of the pie, so we’ve created a hiring process that reflects our company culture. Before you become part of the team, we need to know that your mad skills, work ethic, and attention to detail will exceed our highest expectations.

Whether you’re interested in fantasy football or fantasy novels, there’s a place on the Thunder Team for you! Think you’ve got what it takes to become a Thunder Cat? Learn more about our hiring process.

// Your positive attitude is infectious; people love working with you
// You’re curious about the Internet and you love figuring things out
// You can get things done independently, but you also like being part of a team
// People use words like “innovative,” “detail-oriented” and “awesome” to describe you
// Maintaining a good work-life balance is important to you; happy clients are just as important as Happy Hours

// You think directions were made for everyone else but you
// The majority of your conversations are dominated by hashtags
// You use more buzzwords in a sentence than an entire Mashable post
// The words “social media guru” or “SEO ninja” are proudly in your Twitter bio
// You don’t proofread your resume and/or cover letter before submitting it to prospective employers

Hiring process

Many companies value culture, but they hire for resumes and talent. Rather than trying to force culture onto people, we’ve started bringing culture into the interviewing process. Learn what it takes to become part of the Thunder Team!

Current ThunderActive Jobs