My Story

After many years of being a stereotypical indoor kid growing up near Washington, D.C. (reading non-stop, peering into my microscope, and playing computer games), I earned a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and promptly moved to San Diego with my (now) husband. I started copywriting and marketing for an art company and eventually became a Thunder Cat in 2013! When I’m not trekking to Machu Picchu, visiting my family on the East Coast, or home brewing beer with my dude, I’m usually visiting the latest San Diego craft brewery or making salsa at Salsacraft.

What Gets Me Out of Bed
A deep, passionate desire to organize everything.
My Thunder Power
Chief of the Grammar Police
Guilty Pleasure
I love really, really stale popcorn.
Alter Ego
Totoro’s Epic Sidekick
Believe It or Not
I won a weeklong trip to Oahu, Hawaii when I was 15 from Pacific Sunwear.

Thunder Blog Posts

I Hear Voices: Writing For a Brand Vs. Agency

By Beth Demmon
I Hear Voices: Writing For a Brand Vs. Agency

Writing is writing, right? WRONG. I thought it was too – in fact, I was sure of it! That’s why when I recently left my copywriting and marketing job at a successful décor brand to manage content at Thunder, I figured it would be a pretty straightforward transition, and it kiiind of was. Only not. […]

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