My Story

Bree Tervort is an artist and adventurer whose travels have carried her a long way from her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Somewhere between her seventh and eighth cross-country road trip, Bree settled down in San Diego with her husband and dog. Before Southern California, she lived all the way in Idaho while earning her Studio Arts degree at BYU-Idaho.

Bree is always on the look out for a new adventure; whether it’s surfing, running, riding roller coasters or just spending hours getting lost in a great design project. In 2013, she joined the Thunder team as a Graphic Designer. Bree likes ampers&s, loves wrapping presents and wants to be a contestant on Survivor—but only if they let her bring Diet Coke.

What Gets Me Out of Bed
Making complicated information easier to understand and look at.
My Thunder Power
Type Geek
Guilty Pleasure
McDonald's French Fries
Alter Ego
Kitty Kat
Believe It or Not
I’ve driven across the country 13 times. BOOM.

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