My Story

Christin Bailey is a San Diego native and lifelong writer. In 2014 Christin joined Thunder as a Content Specialist and works with the content team to produce, edit and write content. Previously she was a Marketing Coordinator for a small San Diego law firm, where she grew her experience with technical writing, content marketing and various CMS platforms.

Christin believes in having fun with words, creating compelling content and aliens because they are definitely real. When she is not writing about herself in the third-person you can find me writing in second and first too.

What Gets Me Out of Bed
Night terrors about people double-spacing after periods.
My Thunder Power
Knowing The "What's that word that means..." Word
Guilty Pleasure
Reading spy novels, DVRing Shark Tank
Alter Ego
*This* is my alter ego......................
Believe It or Not
I read (and understand!) math books for fun.

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