My Story

I got into interactive marketing sort of by accident – realizing I had a degree in writing and no desire to be a journalist (oops), content writing was where I found a gig. Over the years, I learned SEO and local search marketing, and, at one point, I was on a first name basis with a herd of giraffes. Now that I’m a Thunder Cat, I make sure my clients can be found when their potential customers are searching for them, whether they’re searching on Google or Facebook. At home, my time is spent reading, running, cooking with the boyfriend, and trying to get our cat and dog to get along. Or to at least sit on the couch together.

What Gets Me Out of Bed
Finding new pieces to the local search puzzle.
My Thunder Power
Google+ Geek
Guilty Pleasure
Eating ice cubes.
Alter Ego
Liz Lemon
Believe It or Not
I put myself through UCSD driving buses.

Thunder Blog Posts