My Story

After graduating from San Diego State University with a Business Marketing B.S. and a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications, I started working for Thunder in 2008. As the company’s first official employee, I have seen our agency and clients grow by epic proportions. I’ve worn a lot of hats here, but my current role involves managing a team of brilliant content superstars, as well as building up Thunder’s brand presence through our radical blog and various speaking engagements.

A self-proclaimed night owl, I spend my evenings exploring the neighborhood via bicycle, sampling San Diego’s finest craft brews and searching for the city’s best carne asada burrito. ¡Órale!

What Gets Me Out of Bed
Exceeding our client’s wildest expectations.
My Thunder Power
Storytelling Sensei
Guilty Pleasure
Big Gulps, especially of the Diet Coke variety.
Alter Ego
Monica Poutine
Believe It or Not
I once wrestled an angry llama and lived to tell the tale.

Thunder Blog Posts

A Tip of the Hat to You – #HelloThunderActive

By Monique Pouget
A Tip of the Hat to You – #HelloThunderActive

The year was 2008, and I remember leaving my last college class with enthusiasm for life and excitement for the unknown. My undergrad degree was Business with a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications, and as I made my way down Centennial Walkway to sell my textbooks for a quarter of the price I purchased them […]

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