Monique Pouget

5 Reasons Why I’m Pumped for the SEOmoz PRO Training Series

By Monique Pouget
5 Reasons Why I’m Pumped for the SEOmoz PRO Training Series

We’re not shy about our love for SEOmoz, and this devotion culminates at the annual SEOmoz PRO Training Series in Seattle next week. I went last year, and it was THE most valuable conference I have ever attended, and I’ve spent the last 300 something days anxiously awaiting the end of this August. There are many things that make it oh-so-amazing, but I’ve pulled together a short list of reasons why I am super pumped for two days of mind blowing.

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Max Thomas

Lead Tracking: Setting up Google Analytics for Smart Tracking of Form Submits

By Max Thomas

We’ve all faced the question of whether an online campaign is "really" working. Or, another version of the same question is "What is the campaign’s ROI?" With the exception of ecommerce sites, most companies determine whether or not a campaign is working (or ROI) based on how many leads are generated. By "leads," I mean phone calls or form submisssions.

We get this question enough that I’m going to devote several posts to how to track non-ecommerce leads. In this post I’ll focus on form submissions.

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Facebook SEO: Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page for Ultimate Search Engine Visibility

By Gary Magnone

So you created your business’ Facebook fan page. What now? How do you market it? What’s the next step? Although Facebook features, like News Feed stories, invitations, and page suggestions all help spread the word on your fan page to users around Facebook, sometimes these tools just aren’t enough. Optimizing your fan page for the search engines can help attract more fans, aid in online reputation management, and also increase brand awareness. Here are a few obvious and not-so-obvious ways that you can tweak your page to get maximum visibility in the search engines.

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