Monique Pouget

Ranking Reports Obsolete + How to Prioritize Guest Blogging Prospects

By Monique Pouget

Ohh Conrad Saam, you are amazing. Last year, Max attended (and spoke!) at SMX East, and was super inspired by Conrad’s presentation about rank reports. So much in fact that we changed the entire way we do our monthly reports at Thunder. Why? Because rank reports aren’t accurate anymore. There’s personalization, which shows different results […]

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The Power of Exact Match Domains: Fact or Fiction?

By Gary Magnone

As you’ve probably seen, there’s been a ton of buzz recently on the power of Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) to rank in Google’s SERPs. An example of this would be to rank very highly for the keyword “Competitive Keyword”, despite having a below average backlink profile and sub-par onpage content compared to the other […]

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