Georgia Hitchcock

Down The Rabbit Hole: A Journalist’s Transition To Writing For SEO

By Georgia Hitchcock

When I first entered the world of SEO as a classically-trained writer with a Journalism degree from SDSU, I knew I “wasn’t in Kansas anymore”. This writing gig wasn’t going to be just about spelling, grammar, and punctuation; there was going to be a science to it as well – a science I knew almost nothing about. (We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Moz… SEOmoz, that is!)

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Kevin Knecht

Avoiding a Stale Office Environment: The THUNDER Method

By Kevin Knecht

Suddenly you snap out of it and you find yourself sitting in a cubicle, wondering how this sad, monotonous existence became your reality. Everywhere you look you see a frown. Even the bluest skies seem sad. A perpetual grey hue looms over the horizon. You never imagined as a child that your future profession would consist of such awful truths. Working in the doldrums has made you a cynic.

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Brian Skarin

So Fresh, So Clean: Why Google’s “Freshness” Update is Great for Content Writers

By Brian Skarin

By now the news regarding Google’s latest “freshness” update is no longer, well, fresh. But the implications and far-reaching impact of the latest algorithm change have yet to be seen. With that in mind, I thought it might be a great time to review how these changes affect the strategy for content development and why writers everywhere ought to raise their coffee cups and rejoice.

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Kate Huebler

Seeing is Believing: Using Video Tours to Capture More Business

By Kate Huebler

Have you ever looked for a product that really makes a difference in your life, such as a new car or apartment, but not been able to see it in person? Do you wonder about how many photographic tricks they’re using to amplify the visual quality in the photos online, or whether the photo is even of the actual product you’re buying, and not just the closest thing? There’s nothing worse than spending time doing the research for an online purchase, finding something you really love, but then having doubts about whether what you actually get matches what you see online.

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