30% Increase in Online Marketing Budgets in 2009 & Beyond

By Max Thomas

Following is a report on new studies from eMarketer shows traditional agencies say online marketing budgets will increase 30% in 2009 and beyond. In addition, a report from SVM E-Business Solutions show that 48 percent of industrial marketers say they will increase their online marketing budgets in 2009.

Online marketing taking the place of traditional
Thursday, 30 Apr 2009 17:17

Numerous studies and forecasts have shown that online marketing will continue to increase through 2009 and beyond, but a new report finds that a significant amount of companies plan to increase their online budgets by 30 percent or more.

A study from the Society of Digital Agencies finds more than 87 percent of traditional ad agencies and 73 percent of digital ad and marketing agencies said they plan to shift marketing budgets from traditional to online outlets, according to eMarketer.

Of that group, 15.4 percent of digital and 10.4 percent of traditional agencies say the digital marketing will increase by 30 percent or more, the website reports.

These shifts are continuing despite an ongoing recession and it would appear that the state of the economy may be playing a part in the ongoing switch from traditional to online marketing across the board.

When asked how the economy is factoring into their online projects, the vast majority of respondents said they plan for the same or more work in the digital field. Many expect to take on much more work including service providers with 11.8 percent saying they expect to take “significantly more.”

This report seems to match a number of other studies showing that companies will be moving money from traditional outlets to more online projects. A study released this week from SVM E-Business Solutions finds that 48 percent of industrial marketers say they will increase their online marketing budgets in 2009.

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