Founder’s Corner #9: Announcing Movember at Thunder!

By Max Thomas

How’s your ‘stache growing? Maybe that’s not a typical question, but this month is Movember which is all about mustaches and the folks who love them.

Don’t know about Movember? In short, it’s an organization and cause that raises money and generates awareness for men’s health. Mo Bros participate by growing out their ‘staches for the entire month of November; Mo Sistas participate by supporting their Mo Bro friends and family, and helping to spread the good word. Check out to learn more and get involved.

Here at Thunder, I personally challenged my Mo Bro co-workers to see who could grow the baddest ‘stache and raise the most in funds. Thunder also has its fair share of awesome Mo Sistas who are leading the charge too.

This month’s Founder’s Corner is dedicated to Movember and what it means to be proud Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at Thunder. Oh! I almost forgot. If you’d like to support Team Thunder’s Movember efforts, be sure to check out team page. And if you haven’t done so yet, there’s still time to join Generation Mo!


Max: It’s Thomas here from Thunder. Welcome to this month’s founder’s corner. This month we are talking about “Movember”. Do you know about Movember? Movember is an awesome organization and cause that helps spread awareness and organization of help around men’s health, mostly prostate cancer but other conditions as well. Movember is the month of November.

At Thunder we have both Mo-bros and Mo-sisters who are getting involved. Mo-bros are asked to grow out their mustache in support of men’s health and it’s about raising money. So you ask friends and family to help donate to your cause.

Shawn: …and getting food stuck on your upper lip.

Monique: More men with more facial hair.

Georgia: I have a little bit of a personal connection to it. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago. It was determined that he needed to go into surgery. He is in remission. I’m very proud and excited to say he beat prostate cancer and I will rock a mustache every day for him.

Shawn: Con would be scaring little children.

Frank: It’s definitely that it’s still kind of prepubescent, so I have a couple weeks of being awkward and looking kind of creepy.

Shawn: Pro would be a looking a little bit like my dad.

Frank: Bad would be when it comes in bushy, and I’m drinking a glass of chocolate milk, a little bit of chocolate milk gets stuck in there and I can save that sip for whenever I want. And let me tell you, those bonus sips are the most delicious sips in the world.

Shawn: El Dudorino

Frank: I’ll have to go with Pedro, because I look kind of like the dude from Napoleon Dynamite.

Max: It’s Maxim.

Awesome. It’s great to hear from everyone and if you want to get involved and support Thunder, check out our link below for team Thunder on Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next month.

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By Max Thomas

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