ARCSI Annual Convention 2008 – Speaker!

By Max Thomas

ARCSI National Convention 2008 – Las Vegas, NV Sept 8-Sept 11, 2008

Workshop: Online Marketing and Cleaning Services – How to Leverage SEO and Local Search to Get Clients Online (Max Thomas, Thunder Internet Marketing)

Learn how Google is transforming local search and how to be at the top of the search engines for terms such as “house cleaning”, “maid service” and others. Learn how to utilize local search, search engine optimization (seo), review sites and social media optimization (smo) to gain the edge over the competition. Session includes results from empirical tests of seo tactics, plus evaluation of ‘essential’ vs. ‘damaging’ seo tactics. We’ll also cover tracking tools, including how to track clicks and phone calls – powerful information for creating sound online marketing strategies.

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Max Thomas

By Max Thomas

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