Book Review: Search Engine Optimization Secrets

By Bekka Palmer

I just finished Danny Dover & Erik Dafforn‘s new book Search Engine Optimization Secrets last night. I must say, “Wow!” This is the single most thorough resource to take an SEO from beginner to intermediate/advanced overnight. He has listed some major gems in the book; I have bookmarked nearly 20 pages that contain little tricks I wasn’t aware of until now. I can’t give away all his secrets here (even though I really want to) because I think you should go out and buy the book. I’m not exaggerating when I say this book will take your SEO from good to great, especially if you are at an agency. His tips for interacting with and reporting to clients are priceless; you will walk away with new action items if you read it cover to cover.

Okay, enough bragging on Danny & Eric, here’s two of the secrets that literally had my jaw on the floor (I know, I’m a big dork, getting excited over SEO tips).

1. I already knew that meta descriptions don’t count as a ranking factor, but they are great for getting a searcher’s attention in order to get their click. The authors list five phrases to use in a meta description that have been found to improve click-through from SERPs (page 46):

  • Free shipping
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • Reviews, Pictures, Samples
  • Interviews
  • Official Site

2. In terms of finding SEO problems with a reputation management client, you really need to get a good picture of all of the negative items associated with their name, here are nine queries to get you started finding negative results for a client (page 99):

  • Brand Name Sucks
  • Brand Name Scam
  • Brand Name Cult
  • Brand Name Problems
  • Brand Name Issues
  • Brand Name Support
  • Brand Name Broken
  • Brand Name Error
  • Brand Name Review

If these secrets don’t get you excited about the book, you might be in the wrong industry (or just waaay more advanced than me). I hope you are inspired to get reading. When (not if) you go buy this book, make sure to read all of the little blue call-out boxes, that is where I found some of my favorite secrets.

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