Content is Queen: Glamorous, Demanding and Elegant

By Natalie Keshlear

As SEO’s we hear it time and time again: Content is King. Content is King. Content is King! Yes, we get it. I think in a business where links are getting harder and harder to obtain and flimsy blogs breaks under pressure or get indexed less, we all understand that content is important.
I want to change up the way we see content. I think it should be more Queenly than Kingly. I love Kings up on their high horses, sitting upright with a powerful sword in hand. That is great! That is powerful, but Kings lack glamour and elegance. Queens got the power and the goods!

So what am I talking about here and why am I dealing in royal metaphors? The point is that if you want to use content as a link building tool, help your keywords bring in new traffic and be relevant all at the same time, the quality of the content needs to be extraordinary. So how do you do that?

Hire a Pro: Save Time and Money in the Long Run

There are many ways to push out and build up quality content but I think the most important thing to remember is it takes time. A piece won’t be good if it is rushed unless you are particularly crafty at writing under pressure and you already have fabulous writing skills. If you do not have time, nor great writing skills you have another option: you can hire a great writer. We are lucky at Thunder SEO because everyone that works here has some serious skill in the writing department, so we do a majority of our writing in house, but we also get a little help from the pros from time to time. Outsourcing work to journalists and copywriters allows us time to focus on more technical aspects of SEO including link building and Local Search. A great copywriter service we use is eCopywriters, some more options include posting an ad on ProCopywriters or digging through WriterAccess.

How to Make Your Content Pop

Once you figure out who is going to write your content, the next thing to think of is how to make your content pop. You want your content to stand out and garner attention. Content that is bland, boring and run of the mill is still for the most part indexed by search engines, but if you really want to draw in customers you need to generate compelling content. According to Jennifer Slegg of, there are a few key pointers you need to remember when attempting to create successful content:

• Don’t focus entirely on “big money” keywords while ignoring secondary keywords
• Include seasonal topics (events or holidays)
• Create catchy titles to increase the click through rate
• Keep the length of pages between 250-300 words
• Generate content ideas from customer correspondence
• Use message boards for additional content inspiration

I want to add to these simple pointers: Good content will show and display the writer’s personality, knowledge on the subject and there will be at least a little flavor in it. How many times have you read an article just to stop and realize that it was only written for the sake of link building? A good article or blog post should not automatically make a reader (SEO’r or not) think that the reason you wrote that crappy piece was just for the back link. Quality content should shine and sparkle and be Queenly. If you step back from your clients blogs can you say that they are relevant, fun to read and engaging? Or are they just there for the Search Engines? I would venture to guess that most of them are “just there”. There is no point in “just being” anywhere and if it comes down to taking more time to write quality content or hiring a writer, the outcomes will outweigh the costs.


I have one more important tip to add that I learned from my co-worker Monique: Remember before you publish new content always check spelling and grammar. If your content has misspellings and poor grammar your website and company will appear unprofessional and people don’t generally buy from companies they think are unprofessional. Also, to keep users coming back remember to update! Update regularly and often and you will get readers! Yes actual readers will come for your content and those readers are more likely to turn into sales and isn’t that why we are all here in the first place?

So in conclusion:

Quality Content = Higher Conversion Rate

So what do you think? Are you ready to make your content Queen?

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