Heading to SearchFest: What I Plan on Learning

By Bekka Palmer

I am so stoked to be heading to Portland with Gary and Monique next week for SearchFest. Why?

1. I love Portland.
2. I want to reenact some scenes from Portlandia.
3. I love meeting new people in the search sphere.

I have been scouring the agenda trying to decide where to spend my time at SearchFest, I think I have made my decisions:

Session 1: Advanced On-Site SEO
Although, I am also really interested in the Social Media Strategies and Tactics session I think I will be heading to advanced on-site seo. As the resident technical manager at Thunder I hope to get some fresh ideas for on-site optimization based on algo updates. I also want to catch a few tips on architecture for really large sites as we are getting more of these in the door and what works for smaller sites doesn’t always scale.

Session 2: Social Analytics
Even though I really want to punch anyone that asks me the ROI of social media, sigh, I feel as though this panel will give me some good ammo to answer those pesky questions about the value of social media.

Session 3: Advanced Analytics
I’m always looking for new ways to present raw analytics data to clients. The stuff straight from Google Analytics is usually jibber jabber to clients. Any new ways to show them keyword performance and conversions is a-okay.

Session 4: Universal Search Marketing
I think this is going to be a popular panel. Everyone is looking to make the most out of universal search results. Can we nail the map, video and organic all for our target keywords? I hope to gain some insight here on ranking video content.

Leave a comment if you are planning on going, or introduce yourself there!

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  • YES! Portlandia!

  • Hi, my name’s Monique. Can we meet up at the conference??

    Looking forward to next week already. Let’s do this Thunder Cats!