How to Use Social Media to Find & Connect with Cougars

By Kevin Knecht

When I was a young lad growing up in the Great Lake State, I was constantly bombarded by people asking me if I wanted to go hunting. “Hey Kevin, let’s go deer hunting,” or “You feel like shooting at some wild turkey Kevin?” For some reason, that really never appealed to me. In fact, the only time that I would even notice deer back home was if I had been driving on some back road and hit one with my vehicle. It wasn’t until my late teens/early 20’s did I come to appreciate the thrill of a chase. Of course, the new thrill that I am referring to is chasing the most dangerous predator in the States. The North American Cougar. Cougar hunting is much more than a game. It’s an art form. It requires conversation skills, adaptability, and a combination of charisma & appearing wise beyond your years. For those who require more information, I have compiled a list of different ways to leverage various forms of Social Media to help you find and attract Cougars.

In order to understand how a Cougar behaves you must first understand how a cougar thinks. What are her interests? Hobbies? Likes and dislikes? A quick way to find Cougars in your area is to conduct a followerwonk search. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the San Diego area, I will let you know that most of the Cougars in San Diego County reside in the dens of Del Mar. So for my first query I will simply type in “Del Mar, CA.” Let’s take a look at the results.

Wow! Not only did we find 3 potential Cougs, we also found their main Cub hunting venue, Jimmy O’s! We’ve also learned that some Cougars lead double lives as Realtors, Interior Designers, and Hair Stylists. Now let’s add Realtor to our search and see if we can find more results.

Nice. It seems like honing our search has given us more prospects. This tool has given us great insight into how a Cougar spends her time when she is not chasing Cubs.

Now that we are familiar with some of the typical Cougar professions, it will be helpful for us to build a word cloud so we can visualize what a Cougar thinks about. I would not expect you to pick a fight with a bear without knowing that they enjoy eating trout and protecting their cubs. In a similar fashion, I don’t expect you to win over a Cougar without knowing what her favorite pastimes are. Ironically enough, both Bears and Cougars will resort to innate predatory instincts if they feel their Cubs are threatened. is a tool that takes a website’s text and builds a tag cloud to help you envision the most relevant terms within your subject matter. By copying and pasting the URL from the followerwonk search into tagcrowd’s cloud generator we get a sense of what the various synapses are telling the Cougar’s brain. (Kudos to Justin Briggs for this tip.)

This diagram gives us some very useful information. It tells us that Cougars enjoy spending time at the beach, visiting boutiques & hair salons, decorating the interiors of residences, and most importantly that Cougars tend to make their Dens in cities that include “San, Del, Rancho, Mar, and Beach.” By now you should have a definitive understanding of a Cougar’s thought process and where you can go to find them. If you are still having doubts about your skill level, maybe it’s because you don’t truly comprehend yet the reasoning behind your Cougar fascination.

Let’s do some research, shall we? I have found Quora to be a very useful resource while searching for random Q&A’s on random topics. By searching for Cougars on Quora I found 2 similar questions posed by users that may help you to finally understand why you feel the way you do about older, sophisticated women.

Ok. No more excuses. These responses should have given you a genuine grasp on what it is that draws you to the Cougars. Maybe you lack a certain confidence to talk to women in your age group or maybe it is simply a goal that you have. In either case, your understanding of the Cougar Psyche is almost complete. The next step is to take your knowledge out into the field. Now, if you live in the San Diego area, a good place to start is Jimmy O’s in Del Mar. (We found this place earlier in the followerwonk results remember?) I’ve gone to their Facebook page and liked it so I can be notified of any upcoming events they might be having. A couple of things were noticeable right away.

The Cougars are definitely here. There is no denying that. Not only do they have some Cougar employees, but they also have a sizeable amount of Cougar clientele. I can see only one problem. The competition seems to be quite fierce here; but that is why you have been learning about the Cougar psyche and how to win them over with charm. The next step involves reaching out to the people who run the page or that like the page by interacting with them on the Jimmy O’s wall. I’ve noticed that they have a Karaoke Night on Wednesdays. Cougars love to let loose and sing songs, and since I love Karaoke, this just makes sense.

I also see that they have a Twitter page. Now I can follow them and receive some more timely updates about events that would typically draw in large numbers of Cougars.

The followerwonk search led me to Jimmy O’s, and now I’ve made my presence known through their Facebook & Twitter pages. Now that I’ve done some outreach at a local Cougar hangout spot, it might be beneficial for me to try my luck at local community events. By doing a simple Google search I found The Del Mar Scene. This site is perfect. It lists all of the big Del Mar events that are currently happening or that are coming in the near future. A couple of huge opportunities that I found were the Del Mar races (Cougars love to wear those huge hats and spend money), and the Del Mar Fair. This site also gives me the opportunity to follow “the Del Mar Scene” on Facebook and Twitter. Wow. I just noticed an epic prospect. Next week at the fair is the Miss Cougar 2011 Competition.

You never know what you will find by taking the time to do a little research. Del Mar is truly the Coug Capital of America. Now that I’ve found this event, I’ve taken the time to let my fellow Facebookers know that I’m attending. I feel like a good friend simply because I made them aware of it.

I hope that you have seen how easy it is to become involved in your community by employing some Cougar Outreach Tactics. All you have to do is make the conscious effort to become motivated, and have the confidence to do so, and you can make any Cougar smile. Think about it. You know how Cougars think, what motivates them, what makes you motivated to care for them, and the best places to interact with them. Use these techniques in your own way, and utilize social media to help turn your town into a Cougar Den.

Note: The goal of this post was to help readers utilize social media to help with Cougar interaction, but these skills can be applied to anything. Let’s say you are a Doctor fresh out of medical school. You could use these tips to find other M.D.’s in your area. Actually, if you are a Doctor then you should also have no problem corralling up some Cougars. Or maybe you are a SEO looking to get some tips from others like yourself. Anything is possible with the tools we have available to us. It’s like what most parents say to their kids, “all you have to do is create a goal for yourself, understand the parameters surrounding it, and then go for it.

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    Hey Kevin!! Really awesome post. As a future cougar myself, I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about what to expect.
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    so, when are we going to do some hunting?

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    Wow… awesome tutorial on how to connect via social media!