Thunder Thoughts: How We Search

By Frank Quattrocchi

In case you haven’t noticed, the theme for our blog last month was “Science of Search.” Throughout April, we explored marketing opportunities with Facebook Open Graph, defined big data and showed how it means big business, pondered the future of search and even created trading cards for our favorite Search Scientists. In a nutshell: We geeked out on the science of search, and then some.

In the spirit of futuristic trends, we reached out to our team and asked them questions about how they find things on the Internet. Where do they go when the want to find a local business? Which search engine do they prefer? What kinds of devices do they use to search the web? Did we mention Google Glass and burritos are also in the mix?

Here’s how the Thunder Cats search!

What do you think? Do you search differently or the same?

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Frank Quattrocchi

By Frank Quattrocchi

Frank Quattrocchi is a Search Marketing Specialist at ThunderActive. He likes making music, listening to music, hiking, cooking, reading, and exploring the city.

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