Mozinar Recap: Using Instagram to Promote Your Brand and Increase Site Traffic

By Susan Rust

Have you ever wondered how your business or client could be using Instagram as part of their marketing strategy? Well then hopefully you were able to attend my Mozinar today hosted by SEOmoz, but if you weren’t one of the lucky ones then take a look below at what we covered!

Shawn and Monique Battle Roger

Starting with how Instagram came to be, I covered the basics of the photo sharing app but also its very impressive growth in just over 2 years. One of the fastest growing social networks, Instagram is a tool not to be ignored by CMO’s or SEO’s. However, both will want to create a plan of attack before diving in and that’s exactly what I covered when it came time to look at Content Strategy.

I then explained some of the best practices for using Instagram such as hashtag etiquette, geolocation and even choosing the right username. After the foundation was set, it was time to go over how you can use this to drive traffic back to your site and ultimately sales. Through a combination of tactics and even using the public API from Instagram, there were a lot of great examples presented to show how creative you can get. Everything came back though to measuring results and being able to prove the value of including Instagram in your marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in viewing all of the slides right now, feel free to browse the slide deck below but if you have over an hour to spare, I would highly recommend viewing the archived footage on SEOmoz!

Thank you to SEOmoz for having me and to the amazing Thunder team for all of their help!

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Susan Rust

By Susan Rust

I believe we hear and learn to say "no, it can't be done, that's too hard" rather than say "yes, let's do it now!" I have many mottos, mine for now is "Run fast, break things."

  • I watched the mozinar and would have expected more about increasing site traffic and some numbers from own experience as well as some more cool apps to use like InstaWeather or BlueStacks ;-).
    I am a heavy instagram user at but so far instagram “just” was an addition to my Social Media efforts – driving traffic was the least of my concerns.
    Now that klout is picking up instagram signals my score went up but that’s about it. :-)