How To Make A Gif In A Jiffy – A Thunder Tutorial

By Susan Rust

The gif, also known as Graphics Interchange Format, has been around since 1987 and has never stopped being the go-to media type for internet connoisseurs (geeks). It may have taken a backseat to other media hypes like Vine or YouTube back in the day, but the gif has endured and its fairly recent spotlight has led to an entire culture surrounding it. However, many people today still don’t know how to make one and end up just recycling the same old gifs circulating around the web.

I think it’s time everyone stepped up their gif game so here’s my tutorial on how to make a gif in a jiffy.

Using Video On ImgFlip

ImgFlip is a free tool online that allows you to use video or images to create a gif. You could use a program like Photoshop to create one but if you don’t have it, I highly recommend ImgFlip. I’ve tested other online editors and this is one of the better ones. ImgFlip also offers a Pro edition for just $10 per month that gives you advanced features like removing watermarks and increasing the size of the gif.

Here’s how you can use any video to create a gif on ImgFlip.

Uploading Images To Make A Gif

If you don’t have a video to upload or link to, you can still make a gif with a series of images. These types of gifs will look a little more choppy because there aren’t as many frames but they’ll still get the job done. One caveat to using images on ImgFlip is that you won’t be able to add text to the gif. If you need text you can always edit the original images first to have the text on them before taking them to ImgFlip. This second video will demonstrate how to upload images in order to make the gif.

Georgia Watches Us On Loop

In just a couple of minutes we were able to take the video we shot and upload to ImgFlip to create our gif of Georgia! Here’s the final product.

Gif of Georgia

Now get out there and start making better gifs!

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Susan Rust

By Susan Rust

I believe we hear and learn to say "no, it can't be done, that's too hard" rather than say "yes, let's do it now!" I have many mottos, mine for now is "Run fast, break things."

  • Shawn, your narration is so calming.

    Great tutorial! This should be mandatory knowledge for any Gif aficionado.