Mobile Website vs. Responsive Design: Finding the Right Mobile Strategy For Your Business

By Monique Pouget

We’ve spent a month convincing you that 2012 is indeed the year of mobile, and that investing in a mobile presence is both worthwhile and necessary. You’ve seen the stats, learned how to target terms with on-the-go intent, and discovered people are using mobile devices to visit your website. Now that you’re ready to “GoMo,” I can hear you asking “What type of mobile platform is right for my business?”, and we’re here to help.

At SMX Advanced, there was a lot of buzz about responsive design, and since we all drink the Google Koolaid, everyone was ready to forget about any alternatives. But do separate mobile websites still serve a purpose, and what are the differences between the two? Most importantly, what kind of mobile presence makes the most sense for your industry and product or service?

With the help of our good friends at Meteor, we’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choice. Is less maintenance your cup of tea, or would you prefer a superior mobile user experience? Do you have a lot of rich media, or is your site text-heavy? What kinds of CTAs matter most to your biz, and do you have the time and management resources needed to build your magical mobile manifest?

Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Design

We hope this sheds some light on a challenging choice, and let us know which way you GoMo! If you’re looking for a creative digital agency with epic mobile expertise, Meteor is top notch. And if you want to optimize your mobile presence, give us a ring too!

Collaboration between Thunder SEO and Marco Koenig, Executive Director at Meteor Group USA


Meteor was founded in 2004 as a branded entertainment marketing agency, creating strategic connections between the entertainment industry and brands. The agency broadened its services by adding mobile marketing expertise in 2007. They created powerful mobile engagements targeting consumers long before the widespread adoption of smartphones.

Today Meteor is a full service creative digital agency that not only specializes in mobile, but also works across all digital platforms to realize unified campaigns and brand/product messaging. The agency works with Fortune 500 companies offering multiple service solutions depending on client’s needs. Meteor can take brand objectives and create digital solutions that tell the brand story in a meaningful and fun way. They also operate as a development partner.

The agency’s dynamic team prides itself on being very creative, innovative and design-oriented. Let Meteor Group help you create powerful customer engagement and extent your brand narrative.

Meteor Group USA, 5700 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 560, Los Angeles, CA 90036 |

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