Movember Recap: Thunder Reaches Our Goal and Rewards Supporters

By Susan Rust

Tom Selleck. Sam Elliott. Mike Ditka. All great men have been made greater with the simple addition of a mustache. It stands out and makes a statement. That’s why Movember was created: to raise awareness about the lack of a cure for prostate and testicular cancer and to change the face of men’s health.

Thunder SEO decided we too wanted to contribute to cancer research so we pledged to raise $1,000 in the month of November as a team.

Enter Team Thunder

11 Thundercats in the office including men and women all volunteered to be part of Movember. Frank, Shawn and Max (the “Mo Bros”) started growing out their mustaches right away and endured the ridicule from their friends and family. Take a look at how each of us progressed throughout the month.


Shawn Massie's Mustache


Frank Quattrocchi's Mustache


Max Thomas' Mustache

Monique, Georgia, Beth, Ashley, Lindsay, Kelly, Bree and Phoebe (the “Mo Sistas”) figured out other ways to promote Team Thunder and began receiving their own donations. Monique made craft projects for every $25 donation and Lindsay sent autographed photos of the official Thunder Cat, Chloe.

Beth and Ashley both cooked their best dishes for donators, sending homemade salsa and desserts in the mail. Georgia followed up with personalized videos and photos of her adorable dog, Dart. Together the Mo Sistas raised $575!

Things Get Serious

At this point a little competition was sparked in the office.

Mo Bros Get Called Out
Max responded first with an offer to match every donation made to him on Nov. 20th. A bold move that pushed the Mo Bros back into the lead. I followed up shortly after with an offer to send one bottle of beer I personally brewed at home for every $20 donated to me. Not only would our fans be showered with delicious food, craft projects and signed photos of pets, but they would also have a good beer to wash it all down. A good month to follow Thunder SEO.

Thunder Reaches Its Goal!

In the end, we came together as a team and raised $2,038! We surpassed our initial goal and watched all of it go towards cancer research. Here was the final breakdown:

Max: $1006
Monique: $275
Georgia: $255
Beth: $135
Shawn: $131.66
Lindsay: $30
Ashley: $25
Frank: $25

Team Donations:
Our friends at BinaryM: $110.10
Internal team donations: $45

Thank you to everyone who donated to Team Thunder and made this possible! We’re proud of the money we raised and the hair on our lips, but now it’s time to shave it off.


Cheers to Movember!

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Susan Rust

By Susan Rust

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