Rand Fishkin’s InfusionCon Presentation and Post-Panda UGC

By Monique Pouget

Presenter and SEO-ambassador extraordinaire Rand Fishkin uploaded his SEO presentation for InsuionCon early this week. Consise, insightful and cutting-edge as always, his presentation covers the 10 basic steps to great SEO, and illustrates these with specific examples and related tools. While it’s always helpful to review expert SEO guides, this presentation is also compelling for some specific highlights regarding growth of search, international search and changes to Google’s relation to websites: 2+ billion Google searches per day in February 2011 (Wow!); Outside US, China, Russia, Korea & Czech Republic Google controls 90% of search market (65% in US); On any search results page, PPC ads receive 20% of the clicks while organic listings receive 80%; Ranking #1 really matters (traffic from ranking #2, #3 & #4 total less than ranking #1 traffic); Search engines now take website design into account too; and many other great recommendations and insights. Whether you’re an old hack or learning “just enough to be dangerous”, I highly recommend going through Rand’s presentation.

By now, we’ve all heard of the Farmer/Panda Update, but what effects has it had on different types of sites? We know it’s decreased the rankings of sites that generate poorly written or copied articles, but what about sites with unique content? This post by Nadia King studies the effect Panda had on sites that integrate User Generated Content (UGC) into their site structure. In the past two weeks, traffic and the number of keywords has generally increased for most of these sites, leading us to believe that Google values content from the users. Also important to note, these pages don’t have a lot of inbound links, the content is usually short (just a small review or a Q&A), and most of these pages aren’t integrated into other marketing efforts. While review sites like Yelp are helpful for businesses, perhaps it’s time to bring the content to their own website.

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