Reviving Our Brand: Capturing the Real Essence of the New Thunder

By Susan Rust

People fall in love with brands and personality – not necessarily the companies behind them. Today, there are thousands of agencies who offer the same types of products and services as ThunderActive. With seemingly endless choices, how can we differentiate ourselves from the pack? We decided the answer to this question was: an exceptional brand.

Our brand is the public face between Thunder and our audience. A good brand builds loyalty, reputation, and recognition, as well as sets expectations and assures the quality of available services. We believe that a strong brand needs to have a distinct personality that represents the core values of the company and also connects to people emotionally. The key to someone’s heart is the key to success.

As a cutting-edge interactive marketing agency, we truly understand how critical a good brand is and how beneficial it can be for a business in the long run. As a result of that, we decided to invest in revitalizing our existing brand with a much-needed makeover.


Logo Redesign

One of the boldest moves we made during the rebrand was to change our name from “Thunder SEO” to “ThunderActive”. It was (and is!) a bit risky but totally necessary, given that we had outgrown our name a long time ago. “SEO” no longer successfully defines everything we are.

To learn more about the thoughts behind the decision, you can visit our launch page.


With the name change, there was no doubt that we would need to update our logo along with it, and we actually leveraged this opportunity to redesign the logo and brand completely. To be honest, we had not been a fan of our old logo for quite some time and were eager to find the right time to make the move. So when this perfect moment came, we did not hesitate to take action!


Thunder is built on the core values of innovation, passion, and community. We look at ourselves as a fun group of interactive marketing professionals, so we wanted our logo to be more “energetic” and “active” to reflect those qualities. To do that, we stopped using sans-serif font, which seemed to be too rigid and motionless to us.


The old logo was missing the personality and uniqueness that we have as a company. Therefore, we started to search for the perfect fit and landed on a handwritten font style. It not only adds the movement and life back to the logo, but also signifies the freedom of creativity and innovation that we value tremendously.



As for the colors of the logo, we tried many, many different colors, but in the end decided to stick with the original colors of our old logo. We thought that the combination of a warm color (orange) and a cool color (blue) was the perfect representation of us being youthful and fun, yet still very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to the work we do. Orange gives people a feeling of friendliness and cheer, while blue gives a sense of trust, strength, and dependability.

While each color fit with the emotions we were trying to convey, the most important reason we kept the same logo colors is that we wanted the new logo to have some kind of reference to the old Thunder. We are still Thunder (albeit a new and improved Thunder), but we recognize our roots and we absolutely wanted our logo to reflect that.

For any design nerds out there, we did choose slightly different shades of blue and orange to make the logo look less flashy and a bit more sophisticated. Besides, blue and orange just look so damn good together!



A big part of launching our new brand is education. We wanted to take advantage of a tagline that would educate our current and prospective clients about who we are and what we do. “Your Interactive Marketing Partner” precisely captures that for us.

As for the design, we wanted to keep the tagline subtle and simple to avoid it overpowering anything or distracting viewers from the main part of the “ThunderActive” logo. However, we did want to go for a similar style, look, and feel of the actual logo to create harmony.

One of the things to keep in mind as a designer is that you should never use the same exact font for the logo and the tagline (or for any other situation). Keep the logo special and give it the “exclusive” design.

Brand Colors

In the past, we only had three official brand colors, which was no fun. For the new brand, we have added lots of fun colors that will work in harmony with the new logo while making the Thunder world more colorful and beautiful than ever.



Besides our logo, we completely revamped our website. It was probably the most exciting, yet time-consuming part of the whole rebrand for us. Instead of just swapping the logo and the color scheme, we decided to build the website from scratch. We went back to the basic question of “who is our audience?” and “what do they want to know?”. We focused on usability and quality content that could live up to our commitment to exceptional results and professionalism.

To do that, we put together the best brains from our marketing, content, and design teams, which made this project one of the biggest collaborations at Thunder. To see what’s new, please check out this fun blog post from Shawn, our Director of Business Development.


As for the new design, there’s a much more organized structure to the website experience. The hierarchy of the information is more highly defined on each page, so you know where to look first, what to read, and where to click next.

Of course, fun was another very important element to add to our site. To show off Thunder’s personality to the world, we implemented a design with our fun brand colors and created a lot of playful content across the site, like our Team roll-over GIFs and the Our Story page.

Last but not least, the most exciting part of the new website is that it was built with a responsive design and works beautifully on all mobile devices! With more than a billion smartphone users in the U.S, plus the tech-y nature of our industry, this is definitely an exciting step for us.



We have worked so hard for our rebrand and we are so excited to share all these designs with you! We’re loving everything about it – how about you? If you have worked on rebranding your company, please share your experience with us!

Welcome to the new ThunderActive!



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Susan Rust

By Susan Rust

I believe we hear and learn to say "no, it can't be done, that's too hard" rather than say "yes, let's do it now!" I have many mottos, mine for now is "Run fast, break things."

  • I’m absolutely loving the new brand! The Thunder team is always amazing in real life and now you have a digital presence which accurately represents your awesomeness.

    • YEAH! It makes us happy to know that other people like our rebrand too. Thank you so much Rick.

  • This is post is great! Thanks for the insights on how you all approached the rebrand. Not an easy process at all, so it’s awesome that this post will be a great reference for people when they go through this process.

    • Thanks Adrian! We definitely love to share, and hope people will find this post useful.
      Branding is indeed a very complex process, but totally worth the effort. :)

  • THANK YOU Max and you are welcome! Yes! It was definitely a huge undertaking, but all our hard works paid off!! (YEAH!) :)