Search, Social Media & The Evolving Newspaper: Louisiana Press Association 2012 Convention Recap

By Max Thomas

On Saturday May 5th, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Louisiana Press Association 2012 Annual Convention. Big round of “thanks” to Pam Mitchell and Mitch Droge for inviting me, and I’d like to share my presentation for those of you that were in attendance, and for our loyal blog readers too.

I love local newspapers, but I also understand that they are under threat given the rapid changes in technology as well as how people consume news and local information. As Google, search users, social media, mobile and other forces getting more and more local (“hyperlocal” to be precise), I see that local newspapers DO have an opportunity to reclaim their historic position as the most trusted source of local news, but they must evolve quickly.

This presentation evaluates the multiple factors impacting local newspapers, looking specifically at search, social media, local search, reviews & ratings, paywalls, bloggers, digital-only news sites and Internet Yellow Pages. It also provides an overview of the primary forces that local newspapers must contend with and incorporate in order to stay relevant.

Please feel free to add your own insights or opinions. In the spirit of the press, I welcome the dialogue!

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Max Thomas

By Max Thomas

Max is a nationally recognized digital marketing specialist who is an expert on search engine optimization and data-driven digital marketing who has spoken at SMX and SMX Advanced, LMA Southeast, LMA Tech in San Francisco, WordCamp and other industry recognized conferences. As the founder and CEO of ThunderActive, Max has lead his team (with offices in San Diego and New York City) to success for clients in legal, real estate, life sciences, consumer goods and new tech. A Columbia undergraduate with a Yale MBA, Max is an Impact Circle Member for The Trevor Project and is an advisor to start-up companies and angel investment networks, including Gaingels and Serval Ventures in New York.

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