Social Media Conference Recap: Community Building via Social Media and Google+

By Max Thomas

Today, I presented at the Social Media Conference held in Las Vegas, NV. While the old saying tends to ring true for my visits to Vegas, I think it’s safe to share this information (smile). This is my first time to speak at this conference so I was excited to participate in this great gathering of online marketers and industry trail-blazers.

My session was on Community Building via Social Media and Google+. We have a lot of experience on community building with great content here at Thunder SEO, so that was the [relatively] easy part. Being among the newer kids on the social media block, Google+ offered a far more interesting challenge in terms of tactics and examples for building community. Given all the moving parts of Google+, I thought it’d be helpful to create an “at a glance” road map of Google+, the different accounts and profiles, and what each can do. (Thanks to Phoebe for making this “vision” come to life!)

I find I’ll still reference this from time to time just to keep my bearings straight about who can do what on Google+.

During my presentation, I discussed real-world examples of effective community building tactics using social media, as well as took a look at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute study that highlights how poorly top brands seem to be doing at engaging with fans on Facebook (a reported 1.4% – egads!). Other highlights include current stats on Google+’s rapidly increasing user base and engagement metrics, as well as a look at how Google+ positively impacts search results and SERP click-throughs (an aspect of Google+ which really can’t be ignored). To wrap everything up, I offered my two cents (inspired by Brad Feld) about Google’s long-term play with Google+ and its enormous suite of other products. Who knows, “The ‘Google’ Life” might be possible for all of us (fingers crossed!).

If you weren’t able to attend today’s presentation, feel free to view and download the deck below.

Did you love this presentation, and already looking for another fix? Good news! Brian and Shawn are both giving #mozinars in 2013. Brian will be sharing local search clean-up secrets on February 28th, and Shawn is sharing his Instagram tactics on April 2nd. If you missed Monique’s rocking mozinar on “Building a Community without a Big Ass Budget”, never fear – check out her presentation and recap online.

Thanks again for having me, Social Media Conference!

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Max Thomas

By Max Thomas

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