A Social Media Marketing Unveiling

By Mike Grant

Alright, so the word’s ‘limited exposure,’ and ‘limited band-width’ used to come into play when I thought about Social Media marketing campaigns. Facebook and Twitter were parts of a world I “just didn’t have time for.” As an SEO’er I know the value of Social Media. On a business level, it’s a way to get to know your customers needs. You can also come across information a bit quicker than you might otherwise have done via other sources.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid this for very long, and I’m okay with it. My problem was my unfamiliarity with Twitter. Nearly every time I started sending tweets I’d find myself reading other Twitter-folks’ tweets. Then I thought to myself, this is like the Dance of the Seven Veils!

  • Veil Two: Who should I follow?
  • Veil Three: The following/follower etiquette…
  • Veil Four: What are #Hashtags?
  • Veil Five: Who and what should I be listing?
  • Veil Six: Am I sending too many tweets?
  • Veil Seven: Retweets?

Okay, just breathe.

Concentrating on the big picture is what I needed to do. Go slow, and it will all work out. All the extra nuances, the ‘Veils of Twitter,’ will surely become clear to me. Each ‘Veil of Twitter’ plays its own special part, adding one on top of the other until you find yourself immersed. I fought it. I did. No, I really did. There was a true denial playing on my part.

It is alluring though. I found myself drawn, yes, drawn. And then, not so suddenly, the day came, yes, it was here. I needed to do more than just dabble in the Social Media foray, but how fortunate am I? Having a team of awesome ‘Social Media Experts’ here at Thunder SEO to answer questions, and explain what I’m doing, is great! They sent me this link to help…and it does.

Of course there’s also the Twitter 101 – A Special Business Guide, but I’m a guy, I don’t read directions!

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