Stickybits – The Newest Addition to Your Social Media Tool Box

By Mike Fogarty

Internet Week 2010 is in full swing in New York City and Pepsi Co, wanting to show their social media and internet savvy, will be hiding videos, pictures and links on the UPC bar codes of their products. Users can take pictures of the bar codes using a smartphone app, view the content and then have the ability to tag their own content on to the bar code. After they tag their own video to the bar code, who ever scans it next will see their content as well the original content.

This is all made possible by the startup company Stickybits. CEO Billy Chasen, sums up what Stickybits does in one simple sentence, “Stickybits allows you to attach digital content to real world objects.” While this may seem abstract, it really is just that. By creating an app for smartphones, Stickybits has allowed products to enter the world of social media where users can interact with them digitally. Just as foursquare and Gowalla have both done with locations, Stickybits is doing with products.

Pepsi has taken quite the initiative by being the first major brand to partner with Stickybits and they could be the launching pad that Stickybits needs. As a paid sponsor Pepsi messages or media will show up first above the rest of the user generated content. This partnership with Pepsi will be a great experiment to show how this service can be monetized, and if it can be done successfully.

Keep an eye out for these guys as they could be the next foursquare. I know I will.

Read the full article here: Pepsi hides video in barcodes on soda cans

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