The Decline of RSS feeds and Google’s Farmer Update

By Monique Pouget

Just when I started to fall in love with the Google Next button, Graywolf tells me to prepare for the death of the RSS?!?  Well, of course he’s not saying that people will stop reading their reader all together, but Michael mentions some great ways to distribute your content in this day and age. There’s Twitter and Facebook, which give you the ability to link to old content, where relevant of course. Then deal services like Groupon, which give you the power to distribute your content to a new audience. I’ve always been a big believer in properly organizing your content into categories, which Michael suggests as well. Finally, don’t ignore mobile, because people will be reading your stuff through their smartphones more and more in the future. One thing I disagree with in Gray’s predictions is his analysis of the search volume for “RSS,” since many people say “subscribe here” or “follow my blog” instead of clearly calling it RSS. I’m sure the majority of people don’t know it’s technically called a RSS Feed. Still, nice post, worth a read.

We have all been waiting with bated breath for the Farmer Update to roll out (okay, so maybe it was just me anxiously awaiting this update). Many people were anxious they were going to lose ground with this one, not me. I could not wait for some of those content farms to fall out of the top results. Why? Because we spend copious amounts of time and money creating informative and unique content for our clients only to get outranked by some mediocre article on I am excited to see how Google tweaks this update in the coming month to exclude as much farmed content as possible without accidentally excluding good content. This is a big win for the little guys in my opinion.

Monique Pouget

Monique Pouget heads up Marketing at ThunderActive. She also likes polka dots, sandwiches, and beards.

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