Thoughts on Blog Commenting from an SEO

By Mike Fogarty

After reading Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz post on “Recommendations for Blog Commenting as a Marketing Strategy” it got me thinking of how I approach blog comments and how it adds value.

Blog Commenting was one of the first things I started doing on a regular basis at Thunder as an intern last summer and it continues to be a weekly routine for me. After a short period of carefully treading and gaining confidence, I came to think of my comments as a way to contribute relevant information and question in a short, easy to respond manner that will spark engagement from either the blogger or a fellow reader.

A few of my general “go-to” comment tips are:

  • Elaborate on a point with personal experience.
  • Question to create further inquiry and discussion on a point.
  • Clarification.
  • Differing point.

Sometimes these are successful, sparking conversation and building a relationship with the blogger as we exchanged comments. Other times my efforts seem to fall on deaf ears. Either way I feel as though I added to the community and blog, not just leaving a “drive by link drop” as Rand mentions.

As a blog commenter, I generally stay away from linking to my own content unless it was extremely relevant or useful to the post. My name always links to my site, but if it’s out of place to just add a link, I won’t, as it might damage what credibility I’ve created as a contributing member of the blog community. Essentially, I feel it can end up causing more harm than the perceived value of the link dropped (which might even be removed by the blogger).

What this means is, don’t drop a link every time you get a chance. Readers and the blogger will see you only as an annoying spammer and you’ll probably be treated as such.

I feel the real value is more than link dropping and direct SEO. Building trust, credibility, and adding value to the blog post, in my experience, will do more in the long run than attempting to sneak or blatantly drop a link. Comment well, add value to the blog regularly, and you might just find yourself with guest posting opportunities, quality links, and improved brand image/awareness on the blog.

Have any thoughts or experience with blog commenting as either an SEO or a blogger? Is it something you plan to keep doing?

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