Thunder Asks San Diego: What is SEO?

By Kevin Knecht

The latter half of this week has been rather quiet in the Thunder office. Gary, Bekka, and Monique have been gaining knowlege up at MozCon in Sunny Seattle. So instead of our normal Boom, this week we decided to switch things up and do some community outreach.

Sometimes a question will pop up in your head and you start to dwell on it until it’s all you can think about. Well this week we wondered what our North Park neighbors knew about SEO. Did they know what it stands for? What it means? What it can do for us? Well, we found out.

First, we headed downstairs into North Park Fitness and asked Eric what he knew about it. Although unsure at first, he had a pretty good grasp on what the goal of SEO was. Next we ventured into Controversial Bookstore and talked to Leslie, an astute woman who quickly caught on to what we were talking about. Finally we walked the block and a half to Caffe Calabria and talked to Mike. After repeating SEO over and over, he understood the reasoning behind our pilgrimage.

The journey can best be summarized by saying that although sometimes we may be unsure of things that sound overly technical, once they are explained to us it becomes ingrained into our memory banks, and we leave with a greater understanding of the world.

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