Thunder Is Growing! Not Just Mustaches…

By Beth Demmon

Happy Movember to all you Mo Bros and Mo Sistas! Fall is finally here and we’re so excited to be taking part in Movember this month. While we’re hoping to “grow” more awareness for men’s health this November (as well as some epic mustaches), it’s the perfect opportunity to also talk about how Thunder has grown over the past few years.

In 2007, Max Thomas launched Thunder SEO in a humble house on Myrtle Avenue and by 2008 had brought Thunder Cat #1, Monique Pouget, on board. As people continued to spread the gospel of Thunder, more and more clients signed on and they haven’t stopped! Check out the skyward climb on this handy-dandy table to fully wrap your mind around the Thunder Phenomenon.


With so many clients chomping at the bit for a piece of Thunder action, it quickly became apparent that more Thunder Cats were needed. Fast forward a few years and you’ll see that Thunder’s pack has grown exponentially and has outgrown a handful of offices to land on the current space in beautiful North Park. With 3 new Thunder hires in the last 3 months and more on the horizon, it’s safe to say we’re movin’ on up in a pretty big way.

This leads us to an exciting announcement – Thunder is moving! Don’t worry, we’re sticking to San Diego (who would want to leave?!) but we’ll be trading in our current digs for more than double the space. Where oh where will we go? Stay tuned!


As we continue to grow the Thunder family, we figured it was time to take stock in the amazing assets we already have to truly understand what makes a Thunder Cat tick. Or purr. Either way, if you’ve ever wondered what makes a Thunder Cat a Thunder Cat, you’re about to find out.


While SEO & Search is still the main focus of Thunder’s operations, Content and Social Media are both becoming major forces to drive site traffic and inspire engagement for our clients. Throw in a pinch of business development, a dash of design, some magical miscellaneous mischief, and voila! You have the perfect recipe for Thunder Stew.

We’re so green! Approximately 1/3 of Thunder Cats can stroll or bike to work and more than half are within 5 miles of our current Thunder HQ. Of course, there’s the driving few who live outside the Thunder bubble, but we’ll cut them some slack. Plus, who knows where the next office will be? Thunder Bike Team go!


Cat ladies and dog lovers abound at Thunder, along with some fishy friends and gecko pals. We’re betting that the 4 Thunder Cats without a furry pal of their own will come around eventually – with a pet-friendly office, we’re so excited to see who our next office visitor will be!


Loving Harry Potter isn’t a requirement for new Thunder Cats, but it sure helps. If you know about Herbology, the Order of the Phoenix, or the Elder Wand, you are welcome to apply!


San Diego and craft beer go together like peas and carrots, so as Thunder SEO has grown, we’ve managed to pick up quite a few beer snobs along the way. Fingers crossed for even more home brewers in the future…


With 25 tattoos, I solidly take home the “Most Tattooed Thunder Cat” title, but Georgia and Ashley also sport some ink to keep mine company. Sadly, despite living near what’s arguably the best convention in America, only four of us have managed to enjoy the amazing revelry of Comic Con. 2014 – year of the Thunder Cat Comic-Con takeover?

As Thunder grows, we continue to add to our talented team and we’re so excited to share our future growth plans on the blog. Stay tuned for our Movember news (donate to the Thunder team here!) and if you love craft beer, Harry Potter, Comic-Con or have pets, consider joining the ever-growing Thunder team!

Want to see the overarching “Thunder Cat Chart”? Check it out below!



Beth may lack an abundance of (real) facial hair, but she makes Thunder’s content magic happen. Stay tuned for more of Thunder’s Movember shenanigans and updates throughout the month!

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