Year In Review: Our Top 9 Posts of 2012

By Monique Pouget

December is a great time to reflect on the amazingness that was 2012, and revel in the hard work each and every Thunder Cat pumped into this blog. Taking the time to write a blog post when you’re buried in client work is never an easy undertaking, but my team never disappoints.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and explore Thunder’s 10 most popular posts of the year!

#9 Timeline for Facebook Pages: 10 Tips You Need to Know

In May, Timeline for Facebook Pages was announced, and there was a lot of confusion surrounding the new opportunities for businesses investing in the platform. With the help of our awesome graphic designer, Georgia created a visual guide that resembled an actual Facebook Page! It’s one of my favorite posts from the Thunder blog this year, and I find myself referencing it quite often. Good on ya, Georgie!

#8 Online PR and The 2012 Election: Winning an Audience in Real Time

As the 2012 Election quickly approached later on in the year, we were fascinated with the ways both candidates were using Online PR to persuade the technologically savvy generations. Brian’s post highlighted the President’s AMA, mobile apps and…Yahoo Answers? Color us patriotic.

The most surprising share-worthy part of this post was Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s likeness, which shows up regularly in totally random tweets.

#7 Love or Hate? How Local Search Experts Really Feel About Google+ Local

When Google released Google+ Local at the end of May, minds exploded. Coincidentally, we had just begun brainstorming for our “Local Search Month” on the blog, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bug some of our favorite local search experts for their thoughts and predictions. 6 months later, and we’re still running in circles, but Gary’s post provides some fascinating local search insights, many of which still ring true today.

Google+ Local Search Experts

#6 Using UTM Parameters to Track Your Social Media Promotion

At the beginning of the year, I started becoming obsessed with UTM Parameters. I loved learning about the behaviors of visitors from different sources, and I built better tracking into Thunder’s social media reporting standards. This post was also promoted in a deck during my very first speaking gig at SMX West, and referenced in a few popular blogs. I’ve learned a lot more about UTMs this year, so it’s a good reminder to revisit the topic in 2013!

#5 Using Hosted Video SEO to Rank in Google [& Infographic]

After Wistia sponsored one of our local meetups in January, we started using their tools for hosted video domination. Max decided to shed some light on everything that goes into hosted video optimization in an epic post and accompany infographic. It was our first attempt at an infographic for ourselves, and Phoebe knocked it out of the park.

It’s also not shocking that this image is the most “pinned” image from our site.

#4 How to Use Instagram to Build a Community & Tell Your Brand’s Story

2012 was the year that Instagram stole our hearts (and more recently our image rights), and we began incorporating it into many of our social strategies. Brian’s post about building community and telling your brand’s story with the popular mobile app referenced tons of cool Instagram ideas and earned likes from near and far. It even inspired us to create an Instagram profile for Thunder, where we post photos of industry events, four-legged office visitors and birthday outings!

#3 30 Content Marketing Tools You Should Have Started Using Yesterday

This year, compelling content and the strategies to research, develop and promote that content became imperative, and we embraced the trend with the development of a designated content marketing team at Thunder. I wrote this post about 30 different content marketing tools, and even brought it to life at OMS in October. A good title and the right timing resulted in lots of eyeballs and shares.

#2 The 7 Coolest Link Building Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

When Gary wrote this post about lesser known link building tools, it got a lot of attention from some really cool peers in the SEO space. Gary’s interesting perspective on relationship building coupled with tons of awesome resources was a big win for our blog, and the plethora of comments and interaction speak for itself.

Since Gary had doubled up on posts that month, I remember him throwing this together rather quickly, but it was a hit from the second it went live. This still gets retweeted and shared at least once a month, which is unique for a post of its age.

#1 Creating Perfect Link Building Personas with Pinterest

Pinterest really took off this year, and every business was trying to figure out how they could incorporate this hot new social site into their strategies. While a lot of posts focused on “getting started on Pinterest”, brand building and followed links (rrrrrealllllly?), I wanted to show the power of Pinterest in an untapped territory: link building. After discovering Aaron’s radical Pinterest tool (and later becoming best buds), I found a way to mine Pinterest data to inform link building personas. A totally organic and unsolicited link from a Search Engine Land post tipped the scale, and the rest, as they say, is history.

5 Beauty DIY Personas

There you have it, our most popular posts of the year! Reviewing these gems was a great reminder of the hard work and effort that went into every post, and an inspiration for an even better 2013. Let us know if we left your favorite off the list!

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