Founder’s Corner #13: Are We Having Fun Yet?

By Max Thomas

Watch this video. Seriously. You already know it’s about “fun”. But it’s not entirely what you think. It’s more than us having a ridiculously fabulous time at the office. We actually have good reason to have so much fun at work. In fact, I explain the 3 reasons why fun is vital to Thunder’s culture and organization. Not 2 or 5 … BUT 3! We also include some examples of how we incorporate fun into our work style so that work is, well, more…fun!

Check it out. If you’ve got some examples of how your work place supports fun, please share. If you’re inspired to put more fun in your work, that’s even better. We support you!



In every job that must be done, there’s an element of fun. You find the fun, and snap, the job’s a game. Okay, can you guess that tune. That’s right, it’s Mary Poppins singing about spoon full of sugar. ♪[music] [singing: … every task you undertake a piece of cake, a lark, a spree, it’s very clear to see…]♪

Hi, I’m Max Thomas. Welcome to this month’s Founder’s Corner. This month I want to talk about fun, and the importance of fun. Yes, fun is serious stuff. It’s also cultural, what’s more and more important, fun is how we learn even thrive. The author and speaker Ron Culberson has a two step concept about fun and work. He says, one, do it well, and two, make it fun.

Now it’s really easy for any of us to get stuck in the rut of getting through tasks just to get through them. Or worse, convincing ourselves that we’re multitasking when in reality we’re just plain distracted. Believe me, I’m an expert at online retail therapy. And also obsessively watching the Tweets come through. But, what’s the cure for this, fun.

At Thunder, we believe fun is so important that we made it one of core values. In fact, as part of the process of defining thunder’s culture, we surveyed every one internally with the question. If Thunder were a person, what would the top three personality traits be? At number 2 at 82%, was fun. And when we surveyed our clients, fun came in at number three. So clearly, fun is a large part of who and what we are.

Now this brings up the question, why is fun so important for an organization, and for a culture? Well for Thunder, there are three key reasons. One, fun inspires creativity. Two, fun supports a work-life balance. And three, fun enables people to create the work environment they like. Now we know it’s not always easy to keep fun in focus. In fact, we have work at it ourselves too sometimes.

So in the spirit of showing how we have fun, and perhaps even inspiring others too, here’s some examples of how we have fun at Thunder, with everything we do. Check it out. ♪[music]♪

I hope you’re inspired to make fun a part of your work environment. If you have ideas or suggestions, please comment below or Tweet@ThunderMax or, @ThunderSEO. Thanks for tuning in to this month’s Founder’s Corner. See you next month. Bye.


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Max Thomas

By Max Thomas

Max is a nationally recognized digital marketing specialist who is an expert on search engine optimization and data-driven digital marketing who has spoken at SMX and SMX Advanced, LMA Southeast, LMA Tech in San Francisco, WordCamp and other industry recognized conferences. As the founder and CEO of ThunderActive, Max has lead his team (with offices in San Diego and New York City) to success for clients in legal, real estate, life sciences, consumer goods and new tech. A Columbia undergraduate with a Yale MBA, Max is an Impact Circle Member for The Trevor Project and is an advisor to start-up companies and angel investment networks, including Gaingels and Serval Ventures in New York.

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  • Max,
    I opened this with “Max” according to Beclee, as only your parents call you Maxell. So Max it is. Fun! Yes we are attempting to engage in fun. Seriously, I really liked your message. And you really are intelligent. I won’t ask where the genes are from. Much love, Uncle John