Our New Home: Features and Highlights of ThunderActive

By Susan Rust

We are super excited to launch and offer everyone a better website experience! A lot of thought went into the design, layout, content and features so that we could give everyone a chance to see what we do every day and how we stay true to our vision. Here’s a look at what’s new and what you can expect from us in months to come!

Our Work (Case Studies)

One of the most important things we want people to know about us is that we deliver results to all of our clients. While we do have plenty of fun in the office, we’re pretty serious about improving leads, traffic or overall brand visibility to any business we work with.

Our Work at ThunderActive

That’s why we’ve showcased a case study for every vertical and service we offer! Each one has an explanation of how we played a vital role in accomplishing a goal for the client along with a PDF for you to keep. We’re proud of the work we do and there’s no better way to show that than to highlight it right on our website.

Services and Industries

The old “Thunder SEO” name was a good one but it limited our abilities on the surface to anyone who heard the name. In reality, we have always offered more than just SEO and with the new site we wanted to highlight each of them. To learn more about all of our services you can head over to that page and drill down to specific case studies for each.

We also have experience with interactive marketing in multiple industries like auto repair, real estate and corporate law. We’ve grouped all of our clients’ industries into 5 main categories with case studies for each. Be sure to take a look and see if there’s work we’ve done that fits your needs or questions.

The ThunderActive Team

Since our start in 2007, ThunderActive has grown to 15 experts across multiple marketing disciplines including social media, content marketing, SEO and design. We consider ourselves a big family and we thought each member deserved their own spotlight. Head over to our Team page for some fun facts, GIFs, and blog posts from each Thunder Cat.

The ThunderActive Team

Our Story

Sometimes there’s no better way to learn about a company than to just look at their history. From revenue milestones to company awards, ThunderActive’s story can be found on this interactive timeline. We’re proud to share our journey with you and we hope you like what you see!

Our Story

The ThunderActive Blog

While we’ve loaded the new site with plenty of useful information, the best place to educate yourself on digital marketing or learn more about us is the ThunderActive blog. Each month we announce a new theme and write 4 to 5 blog posts ranging from expert interviews to opinions on hot topics like Google My Business.

Blog Themes at ThunderActive

We also have a Founder’s Corner each month where Max gives us an inside look at the company and shares important concepts. You won’t want to miss some of these great videos!

Finally, we have event recaps of popular industry conferences like MozCon and SMX from members of the ThunderActive team who spoke at them or attended.

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