Tip: Download more than 500 rows in Google Analytics

By Max Thomas

Okay, this is not the latest-greatest content development insight or an unbelievable link building tool, it’s just a tip on how to download more than 500 keywords in Analytics…which can be very helpful. I suspect lots of people already know about this, but in case you don’t…this can save a lot of time when evaluating a site’s keywords as well as boost campaign analysis productivity tremendously. Please feel free to add any additional tips or suggestions :-)

1) Go to Analytics >> Traffic >> Keywords >> Non-Paid

2) Set date range using calendar tool (right side)

3) In URL, add following snippet to end: &limit=8000 (or whatever length you need)

4) Hit return to reload appended URL.

5) Scroll to URL end to confirm snippet is still there.

6) Export as CSV file (NOT CSV for Excel).

7) Downloaded spreadsheet will include all rows; Analytics will still show only 500 rows at a time.

That’s it!!! Happy data analyzing!

Max Thomas

Max Thomas is ThunderActive’s founder. He loves new ideas, laughing, shoes, personal style, and art.

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