Trick or Tweet: Thunder SEO Quizzes San Diego Locals on Twitter Trivia

By Monique Pouget

Here in the office, we’re big fans of the Twitter. At any given moment, one of the Thunder Cats is scrolling through their streams, checking out search news, growing our clients’ accounts and connecting with like-minded Twitterers (or tweeting Home Alone quotes and discovering outrageous funny videos).

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is up to speed on Twitter, so we decided to take to the streets and ask people in our neighborhood *basic* Twitter trivia. We wanted to know:

  1. How many characters are in a tweet?
  2. What does RT stand for?
  3. How do you mention another person on Twitter?
  4. What’s a DM?
  5. Do you know what this phrase with a “#” is called?

We were definitely surprised by the lack of knowledge around the hood, but it was fun meeting new people and hearing guesses that were way off. Two people thought tweets had 12 characters, we stormed a tattoo shop, mid-inking, and met one awesome guy that put all of the other Twitter trivia contestants to shame.

Oh, and did we mention Kevin sang an SEO-inspired version of Willy Wonka’s ‘Pure Imagination‘? The lyrics are below the video. Trick or tweet!

Social Domination Lyrics

Come with me, and we’ll tweet,
in a world of social domination.
Take a look, and you’ll see,
Thunder SEO’s the place to be.

Let’s begin, Rand Fishkin,
traveling in a world of pure imagination.
My Klout’s high, it defies,

If you want to view my profile,
simply look around and view it,
Add me as a friend, do it.
I might even…I might even approve it!

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  • Hilarious! I love the song at the beginning. Rand has talent.

    My favorite line? DM stands for “dumb ass”