6 Seconds of Fame: 11 Ways Brands are Using Vine to Break Through the Clutter

By Monique Pouget

In January, Twitter launched an awesome app called Vine, and it’s slowly becoming our go-to visual sharing service (sorry Instagram!) of choice. Vine lets you create 6 second videos that continuously loop, putting every prefabricated GIF and Cinemagraph to shame. You can follow and engage with other people’s Vines, and as predicted, some are getting pretty creative with stop motion effects and, of course, cute cats too.

Image: House of Bentley

While it has its flaws, brands big and small are jumping on the Vinewagon with powerful promotions, announcements and tons of behind-the-scenes fun. I wanted to share some of my favorite ways businesses are breaking through the clutter on Vine, since there is a lot of opportunity to jump in now! Shall we?

1. How-Tos and Demos

Want to teach someone to do something in 6 seconds? Contrary to popular belief, it can be done! Mike Arnesen has fun how-tos on authorship and indexing. They’re easy to find with the hashtag #SEOonVine, and I wish he’d do more (hint hint).

Square, a payment system for smartphones and tablets, showed off their easy-to-use product in this fun demo from their 1 year anniversary. It doesn’t seem too promotional, and those people look really cool demo-ing their product, right?

2. Announcements

Brands are also using Vine to make highly anticipated announcements. Taco Bell got a lot of buzz when they announced their new Cool Ranch Doritos Taco on Vine last month. Pretty sure I’m not in the minority when I say that’s definitely a fourth meal worth waiting for!

When Sonar secured investment from bing fund, they too made the announcement on Vine. While they proclaimed it as the first Vine announcement, it’s clear they were too busy worrying about investors to read Mashable. Regardless, I still think it’s neat.

3. Office Environment

There are a ton of badass offices on Vine, so it was hard to choose just a few examples. KEEN, an outdoor company, made us all jealous with their office sneak peek. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a tether ball in an office? Or even just a tether ball in general? I want in.

It’s also not surprising that the BuzzFeed digs are pretty wild. On this day, they had some furry visitors and shared the love with their followers.

4. News and Current Events

Brands that take advantage of current events are always my fave. I’m clearly not the only one that feels this way, since AMC and Audi seem to be getting a lot of love as of late. I heart the way Dove piggybacked off the Grammy’s with these fun illustrations about hairdos. Very on brand and relevant.

USA Today consistently uses Vine to showcase top news headlines of their paper. While it’s clearly not the prettiest Vine you ever did see, it gets the job done.

5. Behind The Scenes

Similar to office antics, some brands are sharing behind-the-scenes footage with their followers. Desigual does this particularly well with their fashion photoshoots. Modeling isn’t always as easy as it seems…or something like that.

Thunder recently made our debut on Vine, but before we committed, I snapped this “exclusive” Vine while we were prepping for our first email newsletter. I still laugh every time I watch it! Poor raccoon.

6. Brand Personality

A little personality goes a long way! San Diego Zoo has a ton of Vines, and picking one favorite was rough. Polar bears, kangaroos and…jaguars sucking on bloodsicles?! Oh my! However, this giraffe tongue won me over. Cuteness overload is in full effect!

Say what you will about Urban Outfitters and overpriced skinny jeans, but I’m particularly fond of their creative Vines. They’re no strangers to showing off some brand personality, and I like that they used a Vine to challenge Comedy Central to a Bear Off. I wonder who won?

7. Exclusive Events

Looking to make others drool with your exclusive event? Vine can do that. When Mashable hosted a Grumpy Cat event at SXSW this week, they used Vine to give us a backstage pass. Grumpy Cat is not amused!

It looks like other SXSWesters are getting pumped on Vine too. Gnip, a leading provider of social media data for enterprise applications, hosted a bourbon tasting event in Austin, and felt it was necessary to give us a hearty dose of FOMO. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

8. Product Promotion

Usually, social media isn’t the best place to solely promote yourself, but it’s apparently okay to so on Vine! Co-Ed Supply entered NowThis News’ #6secondPitch contest, which encouraged users to submit their startup, idea or team on Vine. They did not win, but I love their submission! Maybe it’s because I’m jealous their service didn’t exist when I was in college many moons ago.

There is something to be said of Vines that blow minds, and this example from Nordstrom is no exception. I love the #vineonvine action, and it’s nice that they’re promoting a product they sell vs. the Nordstrom brand itself. If the shoe fits!

9. Scavenger Hunts

Nothing compares to the thrill of the chase, which is why it’s not surprising that many brands are using scavenger hunts and guessing games to engage with followers. Gary Vee combined two Vine tactics (exclusive event coverage + gaming…can we say maven?) to share his private party venue deets. Wine, nerds, and not Monday? Best. Party. Ever.

Last Month, Rolling Stone enticed a little mystery with a Vine that asked readers to guess the cover star. Spoiler alert: It’s Lena Dunham!

10. Educational Facts

Facts are where it’s at, and plenty of brands are embracing it. General Electric has recently been stepping up their social media game, and they have some really rad Vines. Who knew milk, food coloring and dish soap could make such epic magic?

The folks at HubSpot are always ahead of the game when it comes to experimenting with social media, so I wasn’t surprised to see they’re experimenting with Vine. This one induces some slight nausea and reminds me that I need to take up speed reading, but still interesting nonetheless.

11. Customer Appreciation

After all is said and done, your biggest fans deserve the most love on Vine! While it’s still too early to see the results from The Hobbit video contest, I totally dig the way GoPro promotes customer videos. Want your customers to share the love too? Just ask!

Ritz Crackers also shared a customer Vine, and after the care package they sent Melissa, it’s pretty obvious they were hoping for some customer appreciation on social media. Open for fun, indeed.

Are you obsessed with Vine too? Is there a standout brand I missed on this list? Don’t keep it to yourself, let us know in the comments!

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