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Local Search

Getting Found Here & There… But Mostly Here

Did you know that one in three consumers will browse your online store before visiting a brick and mortar location? Or that 54% of consumer searches are for business hours? Every day, millions of people use search engines, such as Bing and Google to look up, locate, or research their next purchase. Providing them inaccurate, outdated, or irrelevant information can damage a website’s credibility, which will ultimately affect sales.

Local Search is a process that aims to help your website rank higher in local markets. How is this done? We optimize on-page elements so that search engines have a clear understanding about your business’s offerings and location. These small changes have a big impact on searchability.

The Inconsistent Truth

Inconsistencies and duplicate directory listings are the two most common issues that plague businesses in the digital spectrum. Varying phone numbers, hours of operation, and outdated address listings create confusion for your customers. In a competitive marketplace, consumers have hundreds of less-confusing options to choose from. Don’t lose prospects to your competitors.

Our local search services are designed to improve local organic search rankings and drive optimal traffic to your website. But our customized strategies don’t stop there. We’ll make sure that your business listing is placed into the right local online directories. Make your business a hyperlocal resource for your community with our local search strategies. Whether you have dozens or hundreds of locations, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you solve the local search puzzle with ease and success.

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