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Inbound Content Marketing: Getting Leads!

Inbound Content Marketing is a fresh approach which focuses on providing AMPLE, free
and valuable information to woo and wow today’s fickle audience.

Once the audience has been captured, then it’s time to show your know-how to help them decide who to choose to solve their problems.
This takes time, focus and horsepower. Pair that with our experience and expertise to get a winning combination.

Brand Recognition

Elevate your business above the noise and the competition. Whether trying to attract customers or investors, brand recognition plays an important role in developing customer loyalty. Make your company stand out.


Organic Ranking

Half of marketing is attracting new customers, the other half is encouraging Google to place your website above the competition. This is accomplished through continuous content, well optimized to Google playbook.


Lead Generation

Driving visitors to generate sales is the most efficient route to more business. Through microsites, landing pages, email marketing, sales strategies, content and offers, it’s possible to capture more business within 90 days.


Every Person Has a Unique Buyer’s Journey.

About Personas


AWARENESS: The prospect becomes aware that they have a problem or need, and begins general, exploratory research. We’ll make sure you get found.


CONSIDERATION: The potential buyer researches in-depth options that will solve their problem or fulfill their need. We’ll make sure you stand out.


DECISION: The buyer uses the information, recommendations and testimonials they’ve gathered to take action. We’ll make sure they choose you.

Happy Clients


Proven Process Produces Results:
Strategize, Actualize, Analyze


1. Strategy
& Personas

2. Content
& Creative

3. Execute
on Channels

4. Testing
& Revising

5. Reports
& Results

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“SEO is an ever-changing environment. I need confidence that the agency I select knows their craft. Thunder is that kind of agency for me. Specifically, I’m able to measure and confirm the success of their work. For several years, I’ve used Thunder not to chase the algorithm, but to recommend the best *and most current* practices in the SEO field.”
Steve Goble, Annex Brands, Inc.
“ThunderActive has been a strategic partner for me in each new venture precisely because they bring the Thunder – enthusiasm, measured performance, experience and wild ideas on which they deliver.”
Matthew Kilmurry, Director of Marketing, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
“Thunder understands interactive marketing strategy. They know how to leverage multiple channels to drive awareness, traffic, and, more importantly, customers. For the past several years we have depended on Thunder to help craft our interactive marketing strategy and the results have exceeded our expectations.”
Jamie Gorski, SVP Corporate Marketing, The Bozzuto Group
“ThunderActive has been a great partner for Digital Telepathy, providing search and content marketing expertise to round out our UX/UI design offering and provide a comprehensive solution for our clients.”
Arnold Yoon, Digital Telepathy
“Thunder knows search. They’re one of the smartest and most progressive agencies in the industry.”
Darren Shaw, President & Founder, Whitespark
“The ThunderActive team is extremely knowledgeable about search, Google+ and Places, and all of the intricacies that come with an online campaign. Since engaging with Thunder our unique visitors have soared.”
Ashley Nelly, Director of Marketing, Am Law 100 Firm
“The ThunderActive team is my go-to source for content marketing. They are cutting edge in their understanding of the Google algorithm and I respect the pride they take in their work. Their clients are lucky to work with them and I highly recommend the entire team.”
Rick Backus, CEO & Co-Founder, CPC Strategy
Burkey Belser, President & Co-Founder, Greenfield Belser

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