4 Legal Marketing Strategies Your Law Firm Needs to Utilize: Part 2

In the previous part of this series we explored two of the most important legal marketing strategies for law firms: robust original content and inbound marketing platforms. This week, we’ll explore two more techniques that will ensure you’re reaching the right audiences in the right way. Explore the Use of Tailor-Made Minisites A minisite or microsite [...]

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4 Legal Marketing Strategies Your Law Firm Needs to Utilize: Part 1

In the field of legal marketing, new strategies and online techniques are appearing more and more frequently. When considering whether to implement a new marketing and outreach strategy, it helps to consider questions like: Will the new strategy or technology help the firm gain clients? Is it suited to my practice? Are my competitors already using [...]

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Are You Sure You’re Targeting the Right Audience?

Marketing is quite the undertaking, especially when it comes to targeting the right audience. Think about the amount of time and money that go into getting a product or service seen—it’s staggering. And it’s not just about getting seen these days. If you market to the wrong people—or the even right people at the wrong time—you’re [...]

The Personas of Higher Education Marketing — And How to Reach Them

Buyer personas form the bedrock of all marketing, and inbound marketing in particular. Failing to understand personas will waste resources and produce lackluster results. A persona represents a particular demographic to whom the campaign is speaking. Done effectively, a persona is a fictional person who mirrors the goals and concerns of thousands of real people. Personas [...]

Content Marketing Strategies: Making the Most of Influencer Marketing

How do you speak authoritatively about one neighborhood in one city on the other side of the country? This is the challenge thunderactive faces when we write and market content for the upscale apartment communities that make up a large chunk of our client work. Forming a content marketing strategy for these clients can feel like [...]

Inbound Marketing Basics: What is the Buyer’s Journey?

It’s never been a better time to be a consumer. Technology makes it easier than ever for people to compare their options and decide where to spend their money. The power lies with the consumer, and modern marketers need to understand that. They need to understand the buyer’s journey. Stages of the Buyer’s Journey Understanding the [...]

4 Steps to Creating Effective Buyer Personas

Raise your hand if you use buyer personas in your online marketing plan. Keep your hand raised if you used actual data to create those buyer personas. If your hand is still up, congratulations! You’re way ahead of the curve. According to the author of The Buyer Persona Manifesto, Adele Revella, the majority of buyer personas miss their [...]

Pokémon GO Can Help Your Business Catch ‘Em All!

What level is your business in the Pokémon showdown? You’re not dreaming—the squad of people circling your house at night is real. Yes. And it’s because Pikachu is in your backyard. The Pokémon GO hype is real - even Yelp has “Poké Stops” now included in their search. And if you aren’t already trying to catch [...]


6 Musts for Legal Content Marketing

The number of law firms turning to online legal content marketing is on the rise, and with good reason. The days of getting cases by running an ad in the Yellow Pages are long gone. The competition grows as more firms adopt content marketing strategies. But legal marketing has its own nuances, and if you craft [...]

5 Ways Higher Education Institutions Can Boost Student Enrollment With Content Marketing

If you’re in the field of higher education marketing, chances are you’ve noticed some curious changes related to your strategy in recent years. Namely, it just isn’t working anymore. In years past, you relied on traditional marketing tactics like banner ads, e-mail lists, billboards and even radio spots - but today’s audiences glaze right over these [...]