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Content Marketing Strategies: Making the Most of Influencer Marketing

How do you speak authoritatively about one neighborhood in one city on the other side of the country? This is the challenge thunderactive faces when we write and market content for the upscale apartment communities that make up a large chunk of our client work. Forming a content marketing strategy for these clients can feel like [...]

Two Facebook Ad Targeting Techniques You’re Not Using, But Should

When it comes to Facebook Ad targeting, the options are truly endless. You can target based on a variety of demographics, including location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviors—even life events including “long distance relationship” or “recently moved”. You can build up a hefty social media audience of 10 million Facebookers or widdle your audience down to [...]

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How Guest Bloggers Can Build and Engage your Audience

“My sponsor always says recovery isn’t for people that want it or people who need it,” Mike’s story begins. “It’s for people who do it.” Mike is a recovering heroin addict who shared his journey to recovery in an intimate essay for a thunderactive client. His heartfelt narrative struck a chord with readers on social media, drawing [...]

Google Panda Update/ What to Know and How to Prepare

Google Panda Update is now part of the search engine’s core ranking algorithm. As with any major update, there are many questions on what's new, and how the change will affect websites and online search results. The most obvious difference? Searches should contain higher quality results. "Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust [...]

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year

Now, more than ever, consumers are ad blocking, skipping commercials, closing out pop-ups. Most ads aren’t seen as valuable content in and of themselves—they’re just in the way of valuable content. There are some notable exceptions. Is it possible for smaller brands to break through the clutter, gain consumer trust, and boost conversions online today? The [...]

Five Tweet-Worthy Lessons From Interactive Day San Diego 2015

Interactive marketing may not be as big in SD yet as it is in NYC, but last week it was big enough to draw in some incredible speakers and thousands of smart industry professionals at Interactive Day San Diego. This year, I decided to volunteer so I could get some behind-the-scenes action, sit in on amazing [...]

Pump Up the Jams – How to Leverage Spotify In Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve mastered Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but you want to stand out in a sea of branded social media. How do you go where no brand has gone before? With millions of engaged customers, using Spotify in your marketing strategy is the next step for you to blend music and social sharing. It’s time to crank [...]

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From Online Dating to an IRL Relationship: Marketing Your Multifamily Apartment Community

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is undoubtedly in the air. While we typically think of this holiday as a reason for displaying how much we love our significant others (or an excuse to hang out with our friends and toast to no longer being with the jerks who used to hold us back) [...]

6 Skills Every Social Media Specialist Should Harvest

Almost all social media specialists can agree that they’ve been called “the guy/girl who gets paid to tweet” at least once in their careers. Social media specialists have more in common than just a love for all things #social. Here are 6 skills all social media specialists should harvest. Be Passionate A key part of being [...]

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Evaluating Campaign Success with UTM Parameters

In a world full of endless data and information, it’s sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around measuring what matters. Clearly, Albert was onto something.     Image: The Lepolas For a free tool, Google Analytics (GA) is pretty magical. With little to no setup, you can quickly see which channels are sending you the most [...]

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