San Diego SEO Meetup – International Search & Social Experts Panel

On Tuesday, March 31st, our founder and fearless leader Max Thomas moderated the San Diego SEO Meetup about international search and social. Max joined a panel of 4 other marketing experts as they shared secrets for promoting your business in global economies. San Diego SEO Meetup: Event Takeaways Marketing in international environments is important, but must be executed correctly. [...]

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Pump Up the Jams – How to Leverage Spotify In Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve mastered Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but you want to stand out in a sea of branded social media. How do you go where no brand has gone before? With millions of engaged customers, using Spotify in your marketing strategy is the next step for you to blend music and social sharing. It’s time to crank [...]

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Oh, the Places They’ll Go: 5 Brands Marching to a Different Beat

In today’s crowded marketplace, brands are begging for our attention in various ways. Whether they have an opinion about #TheDress or an affinity for tweeting like a teenager, brands are fighting hard to stay relevant...and most of them are doing it wrong. However, there are some brands that are standing out amongst their competitors and pushing [...]

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5 Reasons Why Finding The Right SEO Partner Is Like Dating

Have you ever had a first date that just went so well you knew you had found "the one"? If you answered yes, then congratulations, but for the rest of us dating isn’t that easy. It takes time, patience, a little bit of luck and about 40 other things to eventually find your soulmate. Finding the [...]

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From Online Dating to an IRL Relationship: Marketing Your Multifamily Apartment Community

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is undoubtedly in the air. While we typically think of this holiday as a reason for displaying how much we love our significant others (or an excuse to hang out with our friends and toast to no longer being with the jerks who used to hold us back) [...]

I Want You to Want Me: How Emotions Play into Content

We’ve all seen emotionally-charged blog posts, videos, and content go viral. While other posts are important and useful—how to make your own wine rack, for instance—they aren’t exactly “click-bait.” The way you use content to reach and engage your audience is weirdly similar to the way you approach real-life relationships. Take it from Buzzfeed’s publisher, Dao [...]

SEO Best Practices at LMA Midwest

On March 12, ThunderActive is making its triumphant return to the Legal Marketing Association (LMA)! We'll be sharing our Dating Game-inspired presentation about SEO best practices and strategies that are important to the legal marketing community at the Midwest Chapter with our colleague Erika Ritzer from Greenfield/Belser. In St. Louis, Director of Search Shawn Massie will move [...]

6 Skills Every Social Media Specialist Should Harvest

Almost all social media specialists can agree that they’ve been called “the guy/girl who gets paid to tweet” at least once in their careers. Social media specialists have more in common than just a love for all things #social. Here are 6 skills all social media specialists should harvest. Be Passionate A key part of being [...]

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Evaluating Campaign Success with UTM Parameters

In a world full of endless data and information, it’s sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around measuring what matters. Clearly, Albert was onto something.     Image: The Lepolas For a free tool, Google Analytics (GA) is pretty magical. With little to no setup, you can quickly see which channels are sending you the most [...]

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